Welcome…  This blog site is a public Bible teaching blog site and is an outreach ministry of “Faith Bible Ministries,” a division of “Faith Video Ministries Inc.” (a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit Private Operating Foundation). The blog site administrator is Brent who is firmly committed to teaching God’s Word in the building up of believer’s faith […]

Introduction The use of parables has been misunderstood or miss-taught for over 2000 years. The meaning of the Greek word for parable (Greek: parabole) is “similitude,” which literally means: “to lay alongside,” indicating a parallel story to a truth that is being communicated. It is not the same as the understanding in the English language concerning comparisons […]

Introduction (Errors Corrected) The first edition of this article, which was in draft was published by error.  This is the final article.  Sorry. Hebrews 6:4-6 is one of two passages (The is Hebrews 10:25-27) in the book of Hebrews that has been used to support the premise that believers can lose their salvation, yet the grammar […]

I deeply apologize to the email subscribers for the problems I’m having editing articles wherein drafts are published prior to the completion of the article.  Please bear with me as I attempt to remedy this problem.  Brent Text: Exodus 4:2 We must start by understanding that there are 3 aspects to serving the Lord. Purpose […]

Introduction (Revision) Before considering this question, we need to define some words. Many theological terms would APPEAR to be opportunities to display spiritual pride, however, in reality they present shortcuts when talking about something without having to further explain the intricacies of what that subject entails – details of understanding are added when using theological terms. Atonement […]

BC 1491   The Birth of the Nation in the Exodus: They went into Egypt as a family; they came out as a nation. 1445  Conquest of Promised Land under Joshua. 1095  Saul appointed as first king (1 Sam 10:1). 1048  David captures Jerusalem from Jebusites. 1004  Solomon dedicates First Temple in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles (2 Chr 6-7). 974  The civil […]

Introduction The following essay is a brief explanation of each one of the major groups that were active in Israel at the time of Jesus, which are the: †     Pharisees †     Essenes †     Ebionites †     Scribes †     Priests †     Sadducees †     Herodians †     Zealots †     Sicarii †     Proselytes †     Common People †     Believers in […]

Introduction Contextual Analysis is the science of studying biblical words according to the context in which they exist within God’s Word as opposed to our current usage of them.  One of the benefits of recognizing all the different applications of a particular word is gained in understanding the nuances and peculiarities that word may contain.  […]


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