Welcome…  This blog site is a public Bible teaching blog site and is an outreach ministry of “Faith Bible Ministries,” a division of “Faith Video Ministries Inc.” (a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit Private Operating Foundation). The blog site administrator is Brent who is firmly committed to teaching God’s Word in the building up of believer’s faith […]

Introduction to this Series The following is part one of a series entitled, “Reasons for Faith.” The premise of this series is based upon Romans 10:17 which states, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” First – “So Then” We should notice That this verse begins with the two words: […]

Introduction (Major Update ~ 4/2014) The term “Kinsman Redeemer” (Hebrew: goel, [H1350] translated: “kinsman” ~ Num. 5:8; 27:11; Ruth 2:1; 3:9, 12, 13; 4:1, 3, 6, 8, 14; John 18:26; Romans 16:11) is the title for a position of responsibility within an Old Testament Hebrew family which was established by God.  This individual was entrusted with the ability […]

Introduction (Major Revision ~ 04/28/2014) This is one of the most important subjects I have ever attempted to teach.  While it is 86 pages long, please go through it slowly and thoroughly, take your time. It is a subject that changed my life. It is because faith is so much more important in the daily […]

Introduction – Faith (Revision ~ 03/20/2014) There comes a place where as a Christian Believer, you have to take certain things at face value – on faith. Now, this is not the same as blind faith. Biblical faith is not blind faith, and those that confuse the two, show their either their ignorance or their prejudice.  Biblical […]

Introduction (Edited) Pride is a funny thing, it can hide itself in so many ways. Simply put, pride is simply “preoccupation with self,” which can be seen either found in grandiosity, or self-loathing, the key aspect is the point of focus which always must be on self.  It is when self must be the center […]

Introduction A very wise old preacher once said that whatever a pastor repetitively keeps speaking about indicates what his own obsession is. And in the case of a particular sin that he keeps harping on; guess who has a big problem with that particular sin. Therefore, for the last 40 years I’ve watched self-righteous preachers pounding […]

Introduction The old expression, “familiarity breeds contempt;” is perhaps never better abuse that when it comes to the subject of love. Perhaps the reason why being familiar with love becomes makes it harder to understand regarding Biblical love, is because this is an everyday part of our lives, rather it is parental love, spousal love, […]


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