Christ Said "I am Meek…" ~ This is how we follow his example

Christ Said Concerning Himself:

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart3: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”1 [Christ modeled it]

Moses Said Concerning Himself:

Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.”2 [Others have done it]

Concerning the Word “Meek”

In the above scripture (Numbers 12:3), the word translated meek in the English is from the Hebrew word, “Anaw,” (Strong’s # 6035). According to Vine’s Hebrew Dictionary:

Anaw is translated, humble; poor; meek. “Anaw” appears almost exclusively in poetical passages and describes the intended outcome of affliction from God, namely “humility.” In its first appearance, the word depicts the objective condition as well as the subjective stance of Moses. “He was entirely dependent on God.”

In the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament (The Septuagint), the Hebrew word “Anaw(meek) is rendered into the Greek word, “praios” which is also the word used for meek in Matthew 11:29, where Christ refers to himself.

The first use (In Biblical hermeneutics, this is referred to as the “Law of First Mention”) of the word “praios” was in a Greek play about training a particular breed of horse that was very high-spirited, strong, and fast. In the play, while this breed was known as the strongest runners, it was also the hardest to break because of their will power. It was common for the stallions to die rather than being broke. In the play, a very rich man fell in love a wild stallion that no one could ever capture.

After much work he finally managed to capture the horse, however, no matter what the rich man’s stable master did, he could not break the horse. He advised the owner to destroy the horse due to its lack of utility and the danger it presented due to its uncontrollability. The master decided to personally train the horse, but to try a different approach.

He had a giant corral built in front of his tent, and had the house penned there alone. This way the horse could watch the owner and become used to him slowly. Every day the rich owner would patiently and lovingly visit and speak to the horse while feeding him. For a year the rich owner only approached the corral without going in and leave the feed, then after talking to the horse quietly he would leave. The horse would stand in the very middle of the corral, watching all around, and only come close to the fence when no one was around and then he would eat the feed.

The rich owner kept this up for months until after a year passed, then finally he stepped into the corral, but only in one step, then set down the feed, speak softly for a few minutes, then leave. After another month he stepped in two steps, and slowly adding a step every few weeks, with the horse never leaving the middle of the corral, but not moving back when the owner started to get closer. However, it took another year for the owner to get within a few yards of the horse.

The owner kept this up until he finally came within touching distance of the horse. Then after a few months, he finally touched the horse softly, and after a few more months, he could pet the horse quite easily, then he stated to bring a bite with him and lay it on the ground while petting the horse.

On the third anniversary of the horses capture, the owner approached the horse, slowly placed the bite on the horse then went around to the animal’s side and eased on top of him. The horse did not move, allowing the owner to mount him. The owner pulled on the rains and the horse responded, figuring out what the owner wanted. Within a few days the horse responded correctly to every command of the owner.

The horse developed a devotion to the man in which he would do anything his master commanded. The horse was known far and wide as the fastest, most powerful animal around. He would jump any gorge or obstacle his master directed. He was courageous because of his trust (faith) in his master. He was not weak, powerless, afraid, or beaten down. He was power in control (controlled by his master by his own choice), he was tamed by love, and he was meek.

Meek which is a synonym for humble,3 contrite, and spiritually poor (such as in the sermon on the mount, to be ‘poor in spirit’); is also a synonym for the Greek understanding of the word, “tamed.”

For these reasons, in today’s vernacular it seems more relevant for our usage to employ the word tamed, rather than meek. The point is that Christ was power under control, He was meek, and He calls believers to make the same choice, especially in light of the gracious love that the Father has displayed to us.


1. Matthew 11:29

2. Numbers 12:3

3. Philippians 2:5-8


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  1. Angela c · ·

    Hello Brother:) its been a looong while. I emailed you a year or so ago but never got a reply. I dont usually check my emails anymore but a friend mentuoned something and the 5 love languages popped into my head so i decided to look for it in my massive amount of emails and i found it and with that i found new posts from you on your website that i didnt even know i was getting. Honestly it all came just in time. I was fighting spirtual pride and unbelief and so many other things and i was almost at my tipping point, and then i open one of your old emails to me and its just what i needed to hear again. Its amazing how God works. I missed you and pray everything is going well for you and your wife. Wont make this to long just wanted to get in touch again:) miss your talks brother and hope to hear from you soon. Much love, your sister in Christ Jesus


    On Mar 1, 2019 7:02 PM, “Faith Bible Ministries Blog ~ An Online Study of the Bible” wrote:

    > Brent Bolin posted: ” Christ Said Concerning Himself: “Take my yoke upon > you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart3: and ye shall find > rest unto your souls.”1 [Christ modeled it] Moses Said Concerning Himself: > “Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men” >


  2. Angela,
    Good to hear from you, Sis. I know, it is amazing to me that God’s timing is so perfect many times in our lives. I believe that he does it so that we know that he is personally communicating with us to let us know he cares about us. I mean, when you think about it; the statistical probability of something happening is impossible in less there is an intelligent designer outside of our physical world, who is present to see us in our world, and powerful enough to do little things to let us know he loves us.

    Every time some like this happens it freaks me out, because it is a personal message from the master designer of the universe to meet or you as an individual child of him who we call Abba Father, a name taught to us by our Savior concerning how we approach our heavenly father, unlike anything that we’ve ever experienced on earth as far as relationships, he isn’t there every day to give you miracles, signs, and wonders which you would learn to get used to. No he’s far too wise for that he does the little things, he taps you on the shoulder, he doesn’t want you live by your sight, which includes your feelings which are only extensions of your perception beyond your 6 ways of relating to the world wherein, “feelings,” is simply you recognizing something because of past experience that is unusual.

    It’s like walking down the bad part of town and you sense danger. It may be true or it may not but is not based upon anything beyond your own perception of the environment that you’re in at the time. Yet this is how many Christians walk in their life expecting miracle after miracle.

    The problem is that you learn to expect the miracle instead of the miracle worker.

    So every time he touches me on the shoulder, I shed a tear understanding what he had to go through to do that very small act to where everything united into one moment in time where he said I love you by using something that occurs down here in this sinful terrible world.

    It’s good to hear from you. Carrie and I are doing great, in fact, better than that and that sort of scares me. I feel like God has had me on hold for a couple years now in completing the video teaching sessions even though it seems to be getting very close but, a good soldier stands at attention, never moving and tell his Captain says to do so.

    This is 1 of the hardest lessons for a trained soldier that’s dying to get into action to learn. Pray that I will learn that and hear what he wants me to say because during this time I’ve been writing a lot and that’s actually very important, in fact, more important than the presentation itself is what the presentations will say.

    Love you Sis, your brother in the Lord, Brent


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