Biblical Faith…

An individual’s attitude is more revealing about them than anything else. 

It shows their character, or the lack of it. 

It demonstrates their self-discipline, or the need of it. 

It indicates the strength of their personality or the weakness of their endurance. 

It will whisper of their humility or broadcast their arrogance.  It will display their faith or unmask their pride.

A person’s attitude can be obscure to them by choice, leading to folly or a faithful teacher when recognized and dealt with. 

A person’s attitude dictates if they learn from their mistakes or repeat them. 

It says volumes to the world around them, and even more to God of the universe who is in heaven.

For it is our attitude that God watches and evaluates, not the troubles that tests us. 

When all is said and done it will be our attitude that signifies if we truly trusted God in spite of life’s wrongs or held Him responsible for them because we leaned on our own understanding. 

It is our attitude that proves if we have faith in Jesus Christ: His Lordship, and Divinity, His death in our place, His resurrection in power, His leading, and His control of our lives.

Faith in Jesus Christ is a lifetime choice in response to the Holy Spirit. 

A positive attitude of trust in God is a daily choice of obedience (Author unknown).

It All Comes down to Faith
It is childish to mistakenly think that all that faith is in regards to God meeting our wants as opposed to Him taking care or our real needs, especially when His care appears to be absent while in the mist of tragedy and at deaths doorway. 

Mature faith is NOT concerned with God giving us what we ask for (and yes there is always a place for petition, but it is a pail comparison compared with virtue of trusting God with every aspect of our life – as such, with growth we find ourselves spending less time attempting to tell God what we think we need, and more time trusting what He brings according to His own good Will.  This is the substance of Biblical faith.  Study Hebrews Chapter 11 regarding for those that died not having received the promise, then read chapter 12 concerning Jesus, the originator and perfecter of faith, who is the example of faith for us all); it is trusting Him for what He puts us through, that He is with us, and cares and loves us – faith is a relationship. 

Faith says:

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him… (Job 13:15a)

“…nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”  (Matthew 26:39b)

Biblical Faith
Biblical faith is found in God’s word because of the consistency of witnessing miracle after miracle exhibited in God’s word, with the end result being that truly this book could not have been authored by man, but must have been offered by He who can see the ending from the beginning – God Himself, wherein this book deserves our greatest attention as God’s revelation to man.  Biblical faith is to be primarily based upon an interaction with God’s word, as is declared in Romans 10:17, which states:

So then Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God

The Source of Biblical Faith
Biblical faith is created and grown wherein as a person reads the Bible, and the Holy Spirit opens their spiritual eyes to perceive that which is laid out, it is a logical reasonable process of coming to the conclusion that this book could not have been written by mortal man (2 Timothy 3:16), because:

1) There are prophecies given in Old Testament, that are fulfilled in the New Testament.
2) There are prophecies given within the Bible as a whole, which are fulfilled since it’s closing.
3) There are scientific and natural insights presented in the Bible, which were once considered completely false; in time, science has caught up with the Bible proving that it was correct in the first place, and that it is beyond human insight.
4) There is deep wisdom that is written between its pages, which are far beyond the capacity of a human being to create.
5) There are internal evidences found in the Bible when it is crossed-referenced within itself in such a way that it is obvious that 40 different men could not have utilized the exact same type of “Figures of Speech,” including: typology, such as seen in metaphorsimilesmodels; along with prophetic symbols as seen in even the use of numberscolorseventsmaterial and substancesdatesmathematicsnamesroles, and even people’s personality and lives; all done to portray a shadow of things to come rather in heaven, or in the particular case of Jesus, the fulfillment of the Messiah; as witnessed in His First and Second coming – as well as Last Days events – all done in such a way that the only explanation is that God orchestrated the creation of this Book.

All leading to the conclusion that this book was not written by man, but by a God that is outside of our time domain, who can see the ending from the beginning (Isaiah 46:9-10); who is all-powerful, and in total control of His creation (Isaiah 45:5-7), and therefore worthy of our complete trust and faith in what He has said and what He will do (Isaiah 46; Jeremiah 29:11).



  1. Sharon Valley · ·

    This page on Biblical Faith has really been an eye opener for me! When I read the whole outline about Faith, it really made me step back for a minute and analyze my own faith. I think that my attitude and ways of thinking has been the biggest problem concerning my faith as a Christian. I need a lot of prayers other Christians right now… Thanks so much for posting this, it was a real blessing!


  2. Sharon,
    This Short Little Explanation is just a small glimpse into the subject of biblical faith.

    The article entitled: FAITH ~ THE ABC’S ~ “ACTION BASED UPON BELIEF, SUSTAINED BY CONFIDENCE” – The link is:

    Will give you a little bit more information.

    What will really blow your mind is the article concerning the faith of Jesus Christ. This subject is avoided by most scholars because it seems to imply that Jesus was not divine, yet nothing is further from the truth.

    This is one of the most important articles I’ve ever written.

    This teaching was very prevalent 100 years ago, back before the dumbing down of America became such an achievable goal by Satan.

    Back when 8 or 10-year-olds would memorize the Constitution, when the language was so pregnant with meaning that when we read it today it takes us many attempts to fully understand what they are stating – something like if you read 16th century English such as Shakespeare, even when the words are updated to their current spelling, reading through the sentences that were written by these individuals that we wouldn’t considered educated at the time, is so difficult because they say so much with so little.

    Americans have always been some of the most intellectual of people when it comes to the normal masses, at least up until then, the 1900’s when the Enlightenment and rationality fully took charge to the extent that wisdom was left for those that we would call scholars, and the everyday man stopped learning.

    Anyway, when we come to understand that the only – I say the only thing that pleases God is faith, and that without it, we have no ability to establish a relationship with God – why?

    Faith is the most important ingredient of every relationship you or I will ever have.

    Of the Image-ness of God that Adam was blessed with, where you and I do not possess because of the corruption of the fallen nature, of those traits, such as: love, patience, kindness, anger, sorrow, and other values that we inherit from our heavenly Father, of which we corrupt because of our sinful nature, the only value that we inherit which is not corrupted is faith, we sometimes call trust.

    And the greatest individual to exercise faith was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Hebrews 10 speaks about the mandate to please God, look through the Gospels and look up the word “please,” (and it derivatives) and see that how many times it refers to Jesus.

    In fact on 2 occasions when God audibly spoke from heaven concerning Jesus what did he say, “this is my son and who I am well pleased.”

    Jesus, when talking about himself doing the will of the father, stated he always did those things that pleased the father. He was quoting a passage taken from Isaiah as a prophecy concerning the Messiah wherein Jesus himself said that he fulfilled in this regard.

    Think about it, would Jesus demand of others, what he would not have to do himself.

    And let’s say he had all the attributes of deity during his incarnation as a man, let’s say he had the power at his fingertips, yet he constantly relied upon the father and even said he could do nothing but the father.

    We must remember that in his essence as he walked on the earth he was fully divine, yet he set aside his cloak of divinity, having all knowledge on his own – remember he said that concerning his return only the father knew, he gave up all divine locality by being confined to a body where he couldn’t be all places at once.

    And he gave up the divine power, temporarily to be a man.

    Because if he wasn’t truly a man, he would be a faker, someone who acted like a man, when he had the un-human power at his fingertips.

    This is why you see no miracles prior to him being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

    And when it says he was filled with the Holy Spirit, the word “filled” here is different than any other usage in the New Testament; it means to be filled completely without measure, wherein the Holy Spirit was in all of him, something that even the Spirit filled believer could not endure because of the sinful nature.

    So here is Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit, never seeking his own will; confident that anything he asked, he will receive of God and the Holy Spirit, because he was not sinful and did not ask for anything for himself, only that which glorified the father.

    Jesus was not a hypocrite, he became a real man. He became a man because the first sin was done by man, and salvation could only be paid for by a man as it says in 1st Corinthians (Adam being the first Adam, and Jesus being the last- the one brought death and the other brought life).

    I could go on for hours on the subject.

    Would Jesus demand faith of his followers and even ridicule them if he did not have to do it himself.

    To the extent that every time he did a miracle, afterwards he had to get alone in prayer to the holy father, to refuel himself, because his flesh was human, though his spirit and the essence of who he was and always will be, is divine.

    How could Jesus, the son of God, divine in his nature be born of a woman, becoming flesh – no one can answer how that is done any more than they can explain the Trinity, election, and many other paradoxes that are above our pay grade, yet the vanity of many of us attempt to answer these questions.

    I can’t tell you how Jesus is and will always be all God, then for a short 33 years became all human, but that’s what the Bible says.

    Many people never have their eyes open to what biblical faith really is, they think they know the answers, which I too had fallen prey too.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that I go on, but I have a passion for the subject.

    I’ve spent over 20 years digging deeper and deeper and trying to understand this most mysterious of values that we inherited from our heavenly father.

    Please take the time to study this, after the ABC’s of faith, I would suggest that you read:



    when I ran this up I received a security alert saying that my website does not have a security certificate – it is on WordPress. This is not true and is a problem that wordpress has had – only to christian sites? Please continue on to the website – I’m not a hacker.

    But if you still feel unsafe go to the downloadable page in the home page top header for a .doc copy of this teaching.

    One last thing.

    I am moving our main teaching website to wordpress.

    This website is fully devoted to tools of interpretation in handling God’s word, and faith.

    Both articles are more than 80 pages apiece, with over 100 references.

    While I am still transferring articles over, I have transferred page 1 of the article on faith (40 pages or so). The link is:

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me, I always take the time to answer all emails.

    Your brother in Christ, Brent


  3. Bryan L McDowell · ·

    Brent, are faith and believe the same thing?


  4. Brian, (Sorry, BRYAN)
    Thank you for the question, and no they are not the same. I have written articles at great length explaining the difference but let me cut to the chase.

    If you look up the English word believe in a dictionary you will see that it states that it is a cognitive therefore mental exercise, something that may not have any direct change on a person’s behavior, it’s something that they could ponder yet it is always simply mental.

    The Greek biblical words for faith, start with the mental belief but adds what is referred to as conviction which strengthens this mental belief to the extent that it changes behaviors because it changes the complete mindset of the person.

    You start in belief unto salvation, but that belief must grow into faith.

    There was an old acronym that I think is appropriate. When you are looking at someone’s faith from the outside based upon how it affects them you can’t see their heart but you first see their behavior.

    You would observe faith in their life as seen in the acronym the ABCs of faith. First you would see from the outside their actions, which would be based upon their beliefs that were set abstaining upon confidence or conviction.

    You can believe that you can fly and though this belief may complicate your life, keep people from getting too close to you think in your crazy, it is really just a thought. You see all that belief is is numerous thoughts that are put together but they only take place in your brain and don’t change your worldview, your attitude, and therefore your behavior.

    It is when you get on top of your house and jump off that you are exercising faith in your belief, misguided as it is that you can fly. Gravity will teach you that your mental belief was wrong.

    You see we all start off in belief, but God’s word says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10:17. What this means is that faith comes by hearing or reading the word of God, and the second word for hearing actually means understanding, so it is the Holy Spirit which teaches us to understand God’s word based upon God’s word.

    In the Greek Romans 10:17 would sound like this: faith comes by perceiving the word of God, and understanding the word of God as God reveals it to you.

    You see there are a lot of people that have beliefs, but are not saved, they may even think they are. It is when that belief is based upon what God’s word has said, studying it, reading it; examining the hundreds of prophecies that we know were written hundreds of years before they were fulfilled, this gives us conviction that this book was not written by mortal men because men don’t know the future.

    It is reading God’s word and studying it and coming to the conclusion that this book is more than man-made, this is called a conviction, which causes confidence that empowers that mental belief to change our behaviors, as our worldview is turned upside down and we stop going our own direction, turn around 180° and start to follow Christ. That’s what the word repentance means.

    It means that you change your thinking 180°, is not about confessing sins, it’s about a change that takes place in your heart, knowing that the heart actually means the whole of the inner man (read my articles on the definition of the heart –
    work/?preview=true&preview_id=8035&preview_nonce=898f276fab), which is made up of three aspects, first and always first the mind (let this mind be in you, think on these things, take every thought captive), then secondly on the emotions, yet most in portly thirdly the will which determines the behavior, it chooses between the emotions and the mind. We are to have the mind of Christ which is based upon God’s word.

    Emotions are never to lead us, they are temporal, fleshly, based upon ourselves as opposed to following God with our mind based upon what he has said in his word. How else do we die to self if it is not to have your mind make this choice and follow the admonitions as seen in God’s word.

    I hope this helps, Brent


    Then See:


  5. Bryan L McDowell · ·

    Brent, I appreciate your response. Let me tell you why I asked the question. I am 72. Been a preacher since 1980. I have been (all sorts of emotions come to mind) at the lack of understanding (?), acknowledging, and differentiating of many biblical words and truths by so many bible teachers, preachers, and even great and respected writers.
    As I was looking at several things the other day, I came across your post…liked what I saw, and wanted to “start” a discussion with you about several issues. I am writing a few books, don’t know they will ever get published, but leaving things for my kids, grandkids, and perhaps future great-grandkids…
    My understanding is that “faith” is a gift from God that He bestows on Saints as we “believe” to a point where God “seals” our “believing” with “His faith.” If it is “His faith” then I cannot drum it up, but only receive what He gives.
    I appreciate your ministry.


  6. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” Eph_2:8

    Eternal Security

    “… are ye (present tense) saved (Greek: sesosmenoi) (perfect tense)

    “are ye”
    Present tense: Continuous Action (It never stops, except in the indicative mood )
    Indicative mood: Present Tense with the indicative mood represents contemporaneous action – It represents an action that is moment by moment, second by second,
    “It shows an ‘action in progress’ or ‘a state of persistence.’ When used in the indicative mood, the present tense denotes action taking place or going on in the present time – it is currently happening.” (”
    This does not indicate that the individual is only saved by maintaining faith (which would be “works” or “deeds,” something you do to receive or maintain) on a minute by minute basis, but that the salvation is completed and never ends – this is where the conditional salvation individuals get it backwards.
    It is stating that the individual that is a child of God lives in faith moment by moment, yet their salvation is in the perfect tense (with permeant results,) [see Eph.2:8, “saved” G4982, grammar G5772], meaning that it “WAS” (salvation is also seen in the aorist tense as well) paid for at the cross with results that produce salvation, which never ends and the believer WILL live moment by moment in faith, not out of fear of loss, but because it is alive within the individual.
    This describes faith as a living functional permanent attitude of the true child of God.
    Salvation is (based upon) a relationship, not a condition. Not by self-effort, because salvation is NOT a condition, which you could be in, or you could be out of (like pregnancy),
    Salvation results in a relationship instituted by God (which is where we get the old expression to have “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”) and held together by God.
    It’s not that you believe and keep believing, which keeps you saved, it’s that you believe, and that belief, as per Romans 10:17, leads to understanding, with the result of conviction or confidence, which produces faith as an present condition that is to be practiced, but is not something you fall into her fall out of.
    Peter did not exercise faith when he denied the Lord, but after the Lord confronted him, three times, the same as Peter denied him. He came back to sanity. It is not so much that he totally lost his sanity and came back. Peter was in a relationship with God, but he was not walking with the Lord at that time.
    Salvation is always a relationship and not a condition.
    The believer exercises faith, which is a manifestation that displays the relationship of salvation, not that a person institutes belief all on his own, which creates a condition, which can therefore be temporal.
    Faith is something that the believer lives in automatically, though it is also a choice that they must exhibit. (it is like breathing. I breath all the time, but then there are times that due to the situation, I consciously take deep breaths, like when I am swimming, then deep to the bottom of the pool) (all analogies fall apart)
    Faith functions like a muscle which you have no matter if you use it or not, but for it to grow you must exercise it.
    And thank God it is the Holy Spirit that drives us to exercise our faith as it grows more and more and become stronger; this is biblical and spiritual maturity, not cutting down on sins. (Faith is something that we will exercise throughout eternity, stopping sin is something that is automatic in the new body. Why would God want us to practice self-control when we will not need it, as opposed to practicing faith, which will be an ongoing foundation of our relationship with him throughout eternity as it was with his Son?)
    It is an understanding that faith is a relationship that adds clarity to understanding how it functions.
    God having made man in his image, made him to be a social creature. The only necessity to a social relationship or basically any relationship I will encounter with any other living being is faith.
    As I walk through the door that someone has held open for me, I exercise faith that that unknown individual will not slam the door in my face.
    If I am pulled over by a police officer and have good reason to believe that the officer would do me, harm would mandate that my behavior is very controlled and I would be very respectful.
    If my earthly father is inconsistent, I do not have faith in his behavior towards me.
    If my wife produces evidence that she has broken faith with me, I am miserable.
    You see the only ingredient to maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with anyone, is faith. This is what Adam violated – he did not trust that God would take care of the situation (he thought about it – you don’t think / consider sin, you DO what God’s word says “flee youthful (immature sins / strong) lusts.” He thought about losing Eve, and made a SELF choice to do what she did to stay with her. He knew God would have to take her away, and make him someone new. He loved her so much that he did not continue in faith, but choice to join her in sin.
    The Hebrew language shows no anger on his part, or no open rebellion, per se. Simply selfish self-centered self-will (all sin is selfness, as is crime, by the way)
    If I believe I have been shortchanged by a cashier the next time I go in I double check the amount of change she gave me.
    It is in understanding that faith is a relationship and not a condition that adds to my understanding that God’s love is not conditional for his children.
    The world is conditional, yet God in some way that I can’t even understand when he determines to have a relationship, is not conditional in his love.
    By way of further example, I could have a fight with my wife, and leave the house and stay in a motel. Have I severed the relationship in God’s eyes, no.
    He is the one that determine the relationship based upon the valve that I made,
    You see it is when men treat the relationship of marriage as a condition that they can enter into it and out of it, which is not the way God designed it.
    The key is not that man can’t break the condition that he believes is his marriage, it’s us understanding how God looks at things that is more important than the way we think it is to be.
    Concerning salvation, God sees it as relationship no matter how a denomination presents to the world as something worked for, a deed, conditional, something man controlled, or man kept. Something man can lose.
    Read John 10, right now. Notice we are kept by two hands. The only way I know to hold something in two hands is if it is cupped in between, secure.
    We do have the responsibility of keeping ourselves (if we did no one would be in heaven) and please don’t misunderstand me by thinking I have sidestepped man’s responsibility. Look at Peter and how he paid a price for his lack of faith in God in his denial.
    During those days after the resurrection he was miserable and on the sideline and tell Jesus confronted him concerning the difference in the two words for love, in order to bring Peter to the place of confession of his sin and that the relationship was again intimate and not at arm’s breath.
    Being backslidden cannot change the fact if you are true son of God that you are still in a relation with him, but it is not going well, or as we say were not walking with him.
    Though there are Scriptures where it appears that God changes his mind he does not because he is perfect in the first place.
    One of the attributes of God is that of permanence, we would call it consistency, it is inconsistency that breaks our heart and relationships.
    Regarding the relationship of marriage, look at the very phrase that we use, “till death do us part.”
    It was because of the hardening of the heart and the fact that man chose to “put off” (which was a verbal statement, which gave no protection to the wife.)
    Remember the two great rabbis argued what was the acceptable reason for divorce, it was instituted because prior to Moses allowing divorce because of the hardening of their hearts, it was a custom to be able to “put off” your wife, with mere words (wherein the woman could be cheated of her dowry and her brides money, also accused of adultery and therefore executed by the community, because they could assume she committed adultery); whereas God in protecting a wife demanded through Moses that they give a written divorce document which displayed that they were innocent of adultery and that the husband just didn’t want to live with her anymore.
    The Textus Receptus records that God does not hate divorce, for he did it Himself. Read Malachi 2:16. God hates THE (The particular article meaning it was something specific and not general, it was a thing that men did) “putting away.”
    The point is that God instituted marriage to be a relationship which was only severed by death. God has instituted as well that salvation is a relationship that is only established by death, the death of Jesus Christ to pay for the sins of the individual that is not only adopted into God’s family (adoption in this tense was different than our form which made you a part of the family it was a designation that the individual had reach maturity and could receive a reward), but you are born again into God’s family. We always say that we are Jesus stepbrother but that is incorrect (that the Jews were my brother, the son of another mother).
    But to be biblically accurate we are born into God’s family, and we are adopted which means that we reach maturity. You see the book of Ephesians says that we are saved before the foundations of the world because we are names are written in his book.
    If you break down the grammar you can only interpret that as the individual which the number is singular not plural. So in the case of Brent Bolin, I have always been born in God’s family, born in the flesh but also chosen as one of the “called” of God (the grammar of the New Testament usage of the word “called,” is always a completed call, not simply the presentation but the accepted presentation in the New Testament Greek concerning the child of God.).
    I was born in Southern California and was a long-haired hippie in the 60s/70s, who at the age of 18, used to say I received Christ, as if Christ salvation was a condition that I had access to because I did something called faith.
    Here is the reality.
    I was born a duelos (Bondslave), child of God held in captivity by my flesh.
    Unaware of my true identity until December 23, 1974; when I came to understand that I have been a sheep all my life though I thought I was a goat. And acted like a goat, yet had always been chosen as a child of God not only adopted, which meant I got to the age where I had full rights knowing who I was as an adult, but that I had always been because he called me.
    I have a hard time with predestination, but I cannot argue with Romans chapter 9 concerning the Potter and the clay.
    Just as the Trinity and the incarnation are things that my mind cannot fully comprehend, I think it is the same with free will and predestination; therefore, I do not and have never thought that God by choosing one person would choose someone else to hell.
    I believe in the justice of God and that at some point individuals cannot blame God for their lack of faith in him, but to explain it is beyond me, any more than fully comprehending the Trinity, the incarnation, and many other things that my mortal brain is too small to figure out.
    So my point in all this.
    Faith is a relationship, belief is a condition, a condition which starts concerning my full acknowledgment of God hidden in his sovereign rule over my life which we call committing ourselves to receiving Jesus Christ.
    Have you ever thought how arrogant it is that we say we receive him. That we respond to the God of this universe and allow him to be our God.
    God is everyone’s God, to his children and those that are children of Satan.
    Remember what he said to those that did the miracles in “His NAME, which would normally only be done by those who held position within the religious institutions, such as exorcism (Matt. 7:23)
    He called them “ye,” (understood better as: “those,” with the definite article, to display the complete reverse of anything that had to do with Him, His work, or followers – which is always HIS SONS) “Ye that work iniquity” (Greek: οἱἐργαζόμενοι, meaning “in full purpose and energy”), meaning they were born unto damnation, sons of Satan was their father. Yet it is the words before this that he says, that we should reflect upon.
    He said, “I never knew you,” it was very personalized, having never a connection what so ever.
    He did not say that he knew them and then they left.
    It is accusing God of his inability to keep that which he has determined for himself as seen in John 10, wherein we question God’s ability to keep that which he has determined to be his own.
    I received that he received to me, if I want to be proud anyway.
    The point of everything I’m attempting to communicate, as despite the fact that I grew up and pastored in a church that believe that you could lose your salvation which we now refer to as conditional salvation. Wisdom and the blessing of the Holy Spirit came long ago when I was willing to let go of man’s interpretation of what makes God a just God.
    And allowed God to move out of the box of my denominationalism, and studied what the Greek grammar said, not just the Greek words as seen in Strong’s which are root words and are not specific enough to do a detailed word study, read the pre-face to Strong’s dictionary, it says it is a root dictionary and not suitable for word studies because it is generic and not specific.
    When it comes to salvation generic is not good enough. I have covered a lot of different subjects in order to display that what I have presented is what I believe God’s word teaches.
    I love your humility, which is why I am making myself vulnerable enough to displace such vein arrogance.
    If I am wrong prayed that the Lord will show that my mouth as I have prayed daily.
    I am more afraid of misleading people than anything else I know of.
    So if I am a fool pass by and pray that God takes my life.
    But if you be like the Thessalonians read through everything I say and take it at face value as being true, but only to the extent that you are motivated to go on and dig deep into the Greek and more specifically the grammar to see if those things be true, and if they are except them but always check on me.
    If I am wrong in my Greek language or Greek grammar please let me know.
    Remember where Paul said he was afraid having run the race he would miss the prize, he was not talking about salvation he was talking about the crown (of the five crowns mentioned in the Bible for men to receive concerning those saved and the work they do for God – you see I teach people not to stop sinning because it will not institute the praise of God only the act of faith pleases God as the only quality that we see of God audibly telling the world is the authority and relationship of his son, and that the one thing that pleased God is Jesus faith in him.).
    Many of the passages, which seem to indicate we could lose our salvation is talking about the rewards that we would receive. That is why the Greek where Paul says much time of my departure is at hand, is a nautical term for when a ship would start its voyage having fully stocked up and prepared itself with all of its supplies so that it would be able to complete what it it started, such is what we do on earth.
    Sin will always get you in trouble, but not doing it will not save you. There are many false religions that are much more holy from sin, meaning separated, yet still going to hell.
    We are to be holy, not separated from, as much as separated TO God, and we can only do this through acts of faith in reestablishing fulfilling our calling to God as his children, wherein the day of our maturity where we inherit, become aware that we are his children is what we look towards at that point that we think we receive Christ.
    Remember Galatians. A child is no better than the slave until he becomes adult, finds out who he is with the full recognition of his responsibilities within the household in maintaining his relationship with the father.
    I am using voice recognition hardware to produce this lengthy response, so please forgive any sound alike words or typos.
    I am not trying to get anyone to follow me for I am a sinner with a twisted mind as you can see from all the rabbit trails that I have went down. Yet what is amazing and the reason we glorify God is that God even use crazy people to communicate his truth if we would but exercise faith trusting him no matter what happens that he is an ultimate control.
    Having lost children, went through cancer, went through a lot of terrible things and loss in my life I have come to understand the wisdom of Joseph, when his brothers realized in fear that because of the death of Jacob their retribution may be at hand, Joseph responded with the wisdom of a true servant of God when he said that: “you meant it for evil, BUT GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD.”
    PS: regarding Ephesians 2:8 (7 through 10 in order to maintain the context)

    (Eph 2:7 KJV) That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.
    (Eph 2:8 KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    (Eph 2:9 KJV) Not of works, lest any man should boast.
    (Eph 2:10 KJV) For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.(Eph 2:7 KJV) That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.
    Many times people asked me how can God be a loving God in a world that he created that is so sinful and evil, my retort is love.
    Let me give you an example of what I mean. Let’s suppose my wife had passed away, my children had grown up and left the nest, and I lived alone. Then I receive a call from state prison to inform me that my criminal drug crazed brother had passed away in prison, and that he had left alone his 12-year-old hoodlum son who was twice the demons of hell that he was. And that the state would put them into the criminal facilities for adults rather than foster care because he was so antisocial, unless; I was willing to let him stay with me.
    What would be the motivation for allowing this little criminal from coming to my home, disrupting my life, and based upon his prior history knowing he would steal from me, lie to me, have parties at the house, never take care of anything and destroy all of my furniture and belongings that I had so meticulously and carefully assembled, why would I allow that.
    There is only one motivation where I would allow him to come to my house then after a few weeks of suffering his abuse continue to allow him to stay there, love.
    Understanding that despite the fact that there are four Greek words in classical Greek for love.
    Eros which is sexual and never used in the Bible, storge, which is family love such as a father for a son or a brother for a sibling, only used a couple of times as an adjective.
    Phileo, which is the primary word used for brotherly love, it is an emotional affection that we hold for another person such as brothers in arms in a military unit where they would be willing to die one for another. The city of Philadelphia was named because it means “city of brotherly love.” Interesting story how it got its name. The British prior to the revolution were coming to destroy Philadelphia and other Americans that live far away and had no skin in the game and would not be hurt, came to Philadelphia willing to lay down their lives for their brothers when they didn’t have to in order to fight alongside of them to keep the British from destroying Philadelphia. It is what we normally use we talk about emotional love.
    Then there is the final love, God’s type of love, Agape (noun) & agapao (verb).
    Many Greek dictionaries when defining this word don’t emphasize the essence of the word as powerfully as they should. One of the hermeneutical tools that we utilize is referred to as the law of first mention. This is where we see the first time a word is used in understand it in its clearest form, detailed and meticulous based upon the context where any other usage never comes across quite so clear.
    The literal understanding of this word is: “to be given over to another.” It is not an emotional driven word, it is a word that has no emotion to it.
    Emotions are always a response to someone else or something, it is conditional; it is not an action but a reaction. Jesus did not react to people he was always proactive. This is why whenever they try to trap him in questions he normally didn’t answer their question but went to the root of what they were trying to do because he could see the essence of their heart.
    There is power in being proactive over the weakness of being accountable to somebody in response.
    The proactive person has the power, the reactive person does not.
    The devil has so messed with our understanding of love to imply that it is only emotional. Yet always conditional something you can fall into our fall out of, this is not God’s kind of love where you feel something based upon another person’s behavior or essence.
    Agapao is an action; it is choosing to put someone before ourselves. We would say that it is “sacrificially putting someone before ourselves.”
    That’s why Jesus demanded for us to love one another. For years in my first pastorate I could not understand why did not feel emotional love for all of the parishioners.
    What Jesus wanted me to do was to put them before myself, yet remembering the love gift referred to in Matthew six, not to be done to be seen of men.
    Putting someone before myself in complete sincerity with me normally making it a necessity to not be seen by others, he said the same thing about prayer and how many times to men give corporate prayer and display a lack of integrity because they’re not talking to God, there trying to motivate the parishioners.
    I believe corporate prayer needs to be to God and that needs to be the most necessity, keep it brief, you don’t need to remind him of things that you’re actually reminding others of, but keep it short because he knows all things and to try to use it as a tool to affect others in any other way makes it a violation of your relationship with him.
    (Sidenote: an analogy would be that if while in high school I was outside talking to a friend of mine, and during the conversation I noticed that he was telling me things that I already knew and was actually bragging about something when it made no sense to me until I noticed that within earshot a cute cheerleader was walking behind me. Now it was okay because he was my friend but he was using me as a tool to get to her. How does God feel when we use prayer to manipulate others.)
    Now back to what I was saying. God expects us to put others before ourselves when he uses this word for love, it is the only way to actually do what he says.
    And we can do this love to strangers and enemies where the emotional type of love is impossible to do to others. You may be able to think your setting aside your emotion of hatred for a man that killed your son and to forgive him, but that’s not what you’re supposed to do.
    If you’re one of the jurors or you have an opportunity to have him put to death I would say do it because he deserves it, but I’m carnal.
    If you were to follow Jesus and love your enemy, you would put his well-being before you and vote that he go to prison for the rest of his life but not use the situation to further your own desires.
    God’s type of love has only one close example on earth it’s called motherhood.
    For nine months, a woman chooses to keep this little alien that’s growing inside of her. That makes her feel sick, wherein affecting her body with aches and pains and loss of hair and muscles becoming flab, Anna back that hurts all the time, and just feeling rotten because some life form is sucking her energy away yet she continues to put it before herself by maintaining her desired to be a human incubator.
    Sounds pretty sterile the way I presented it but here’s the beauty of God’s type of love. When we put something sacrificially before ourselves not to be seen of men there will be an emotional development based upon what we are invested in that is not conditional.
    This is why a mother will love her child more than anything in this life no matter what it does, unless she is evil herself.
    You see God’s love will end in emotion but does not start in a motion, it starts is an action of sacrifice, wherein we developed in the correct manner and emotional connection that is not conditional for that which is put before us, this is human nature.
    When I was a teenager I worked for up old beater car that was a piece of junk but I loved it because I sweat hour after hour and a Mexican restaurant to purchase this vehicle. I waxed it put in a new stereo system change the tires and it seemed to be my God for a while because I put it sacrificially in front of him my own personal needs. Guess what I loved that car, I had an emotional attachment to that car because I was invested in put it before myself.
    That’s why you can use this same love and love carnal things and things not just people.
    This type of love is a type of love that Jesus said that the Pharisees had for the utmost place in the synagogue, this was evil. They wanted to be seen of men at any expense and it was all about self. Yet in the Greek the word used is agapao, because it is not mean a holy or righteous love it means a love of sacrificially putting something first and can be used of anything that we are invested in.
    Men learn to love their jobs, their hobbies, their possessions, in the love can be so strong that it will sacrifice family members and others. Moreover, an emotional permanent connection will always be the outcome of this type of sacrificial love.
    The best example of this is seen in John 3:16. The Greek language easily has many verbs, understanding that verbs or actions. Yet in John 3:16 there is what is referred to as the primary verb when it states in brief: “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”
    The primary verb in this part of the Scripture is “gave.”
    You see agape love is giving love. Now having said all that let us go back to the original analogy.
    If I had to make a choice to have my world completely disrupted and things destroyed by allowing my nephew who is a criminal to come and live with me there is only one motivation that a sane person would be subject to, love; God’s kind of love of putting that child before yourself.
    So do conclude. When men asked me why such a loving God could have such a evil world I tell them love.
    Because he made the world in perfection, an putting man first he gave him the opportunity to turn against his creator and destroy the environment. And yet to destroy the evil of this environment would necessitate that he killed his children who also sin on a daily basis.
    So it is because of you and I, those that he gave his son for that he allows this evil world to go on.
    Suffering, if God could suffer, watching his creation being destroyed and the people of the earth living in evil harming his own children.
    Now to conclude concerning Ephesians 2:8.
    For years I miss-taught that the part of the Scripture that says it is a gift of God is in reference to the faith is wrong in this sentence and cannot be proven because the grammar says the opposite.
    Without getting too technical, the grammar of this sentence mandates that that which is a gift is the salvation not the faith that leads to the ability to receive the grace therefore unto salvation.
    But this is one of those places that does not state that faith is a gift, but that does not mean that this principle is not true, this is just not the Scripture to state.
    Another time I will go through and talk about the gift of faith. But we must use Scripture correctly within its context in order to maintain integrity.
    Let me give you one other short example:
    In the KJV, the Scripture says, “study to show yourself approved a workman that needs not be ashamed.”
    The word “study” in the old English actually means to be “diligent.” You see the Scripture is saying to be diligent in your behavior to show your faith before men so that you will not be ashamed of how binning a bad example. It has nothing to do with academic pursuit.
    It does not mean to go study God’s word, it means and deals with behavior. However there are other Scriptures that deal with digging deep into God’s word and hiding God’s word in our heart as per say.
    However, this Scripture does not say what we think it says.
    One more example,
    Is the Scripture that says in Thessalonians, we know referring to the Holy Spirit, when it says, “he will let..,”
    Understanding that what that word “let” really means is occupy.
    The Holy Spirit will live in the believer and occupy the believers in the world until the believers are pulled out of the way, and the Holy Spirit that dwells in the believers, which is part of that function, will be taken inside the believer.
    However, the Holy Spirit will still be on the earth because during the tribulation men are saved and cannot be so without the Holy Spirit.
    It will be back like it was in the Old Testament, where the spirit was not normally “in” men but “with” them.
    Remembering (Joh 14:17 KJV) “Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you [“now”], and shall be in you [“then,” Acts 2].
    Which is why David could pray “take not thy spirit from me,” which you and I can’t pray, for the Holy “DWELLS” with us, he does not “tent” with us (to Temporarily stay, HE LIVES IN US).
    Because even when were out of fellowship, the spirit is still with us not contaminated by the vessel because we are ALWAYS sinful. 1 John 1:8 & 10, as seen in the KJV,TVM (tense, Voice, Mood), which states:
    1Jn 1:8 IfG1437 we sayG2036 [G5632] thatG3754 we haveG2192 [G5719] noG3756 sinG266, we deceiveG4105 [G5719] ourselvesG1438, andG2532 the truthG225 isG2076 [G5748] notG3756 inG1722 usG2254.
    we haveG2192 [G5719] is in the perfect tense, meaning “monment by monment” we sin.
    1Jn 1:10 IfG1437 we sayG2036 [G5632] thatG3754 we haveG264 notG3756 sinnedG264 [G5758], we makeG4160 [G5719] himG846 a liarG5583, andG2532 hisG846 wordG3056 isG2076 [G5748] notG3756 inG1722 usG2254.
    sinnedG264 [G5758], is in the perfect tense, have been done in the past, with results (sinful present tense) in the present.
    Wherein the holy of holies is completely separate and has nothing to do with any connection in the holy or in the outer court, so it is with us that the Holy Spirit is not connected with our flesh (do not know how He does it, just that he does.
    It is the place that God meets man once a year, where one man meets the conditions that God lays out and yet is completely separated from the rest of the structure.
    The Holy Spirit that lives in the believers is not something you feel, if you feel it is an emotion which is one of your senses and we are to walk by faith not by sight or any other sense and emotions are a sense.
    A sense is when we develop a response to something, I touch it and feel it, I smell it I tasted, I can tell when somebody is being mean to me and my emotions sense it.
    We are not to walk according to any of our senses but by faith alone and what God’s word has said
    That’s how the Holy Spirit indwells sinful people it’s because he is not contaminated but in the holy of holies and we can’t touch it, we don’t feel it.
    Yet every Sunday, whenever you get up in front of your congregation and you start to present God’s word and you can tell that he is controlling what you say, this is where the Holy Spirit like the wee small voice that the prophet experienced, not the lightning not the thunder, but the Holy Spirit of God compels you as a preacher of God in such a way that you present his word.
    Remember, Jesus said John the Baptists was a prophet, yet he did not miracles, of told of the future.
    The word prophecy means to speak for another and not necessarily telling the future, which is why every Sunday morning as a preacher of God’s word you are prophesying, you are speaking for God because you are speaking out of his word, and his sheep know his voice.
    And Jesus voice is the voice of the spirit which is the author of God’s word.
    Well enough rabbit trails I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.
    As always, spit out the bones and swallow the meat. I’m here if you need me. Your brother in Christ, Brent
    If something does not sound right, it is something done by the voice recognition software that I missed. If you cannot figure it our, please email me and I will clarify.


  7. Learn something for Eternity · ·

    You say:”You start in belief unto salvation, but that belief must grow into faith.”
    It is the other way. Biblical faith is His work in us to cause us to believe. Unsaved religious people can only have a make-believe belief. Because it is all they know. look up Rom 3:3 The faith of God is effective for salvation. Faith is a work. 1 Thess 1:3 Saved by His work not our work. We are saved by the faith of Christ not our faith. Gal 2:16KJV only


  8. Hey Dwayne, I’m sorry it’s taken so long get back to you had a lot going on.

    You should have received an email from me a week or so after you first submitted your comment stating that I would get back to you but I was sort of tied up time. I believe I said I thought your comment was pretty good. I’m curious you have a name which appears to be a website which apparently is locked up if that’s the case with the website by the name learning something for eternity and then a picture of an elderly gentleman, reminds me of Dr. Scott. If you do have a website I would appreciate to be able to read some of your teaching because you’re confusing on this subject is understandable but if you are a teacher with a website or teaching in the public you shouldn’t be confused over this because the Greek and the New Testament is very precise in teachers need to study the Greek. I don’t mean they need to learn how to speak but they need to understand the Greek language its grammar especially the verbs in the nouns because God himself chose to speak to mankind regarding the New Testament through the Greek language which is one of the most precise languages ever known to man. A teacher would also know that the Hebrew language is a very vague language, subject to ambiguity is sorta like God winking at man in his transgressions which makes so much sense when Jesus declares when you’ve seen me seeing the father the word used here is the revelation of the father and even from a brief study from a Greek dictionary would render the generic understanding of this word revelation in the way that if we had somebody behind a great that was semi-transparent and you could see their outline that to reveal them what have them step out from behind it to where now you could see them in full detail which would be what Jesus was saying. As if in the Old Testament we would see God but not in the same way that when Jesus came we saw him in his fullness and we saw him clearly. You see even the language translates this thought and that the Old Testament came to us in the Hebrew a very vague language, to the Greek language which is of very purse ice and detailed language. So understanding at least the basics of the Greek when handling the New Testament should be mandatory for anyone attempting to teach and to do so otherwise is close to heretical. What I mean is the English is a translation of the Greek and English is a living language meaning it changes all the time and it’s not an exact language Hanse it is called a living language. Wherein the Hebrew and the Greek are both dead languages, meaning that they cannot change and they are settled they are complete and unchangeable the same as God is. So to use the English when God chose to communicate to man in the Greek does the Bible a great injustice. And like I said you don’t need to know how to speak the language or break it down as far as writing it. But you need to go much further than Strong’s because Strong’s dictionary it was never written by a linguist Strong himself says in the first preamble to his dictionary that it is not meant for word studies because it is only generic words listed not the specific ones used in each passage which can be different based upon the rules of Hebrew or Greek grammar. Hebrew, is a language I spend little time in but Greek I have spent decades attempting to understand because if all you do is use Strong’s dictionary you will not understand the complexity or the details that the Holy Spirit want you to understand concerning what he has related to us in this book meant to teach us exactly what God wants us to know. You see there are two Greek words for the word faith coming out of the King James which is what I use, actually I use the Greek That Is Used for the King James the Textus Receptus, yet I do not use strong’s because it is not the specific words listed in the Scripture only a generic or general understanding of the word this is why we must as teachers come to understand at least the nouns in the verbs of the Greek that the Holy Spirit chose to use to communicate to us and as I started to say there are two Greek words used for faith one of them is translated as the noun known in the English as the word faith yet the other one is a verb form of the word faith which we don’t have in the English and is therefore translated into the word believe. It is an action which is what verbs are whereas the noun is a particular thing. When the word faith is used it is talking about the gift of God given on to us, when it uses the verb form it’s talking about us exercising faith as an action and there is the difference that you don’t seem to understand. I agree that faith is his work in us to cause us to believe but you must understand the difference between that and what you were referred to as unsaved religious people who can only make-believe belief there is no such thing in the Greek. In the same way that either there are sheep or their goats and there’s not any other type of people in the earth there’s only two groups saved and unsaved. That’s why Ephesians says that the saved were recorded in the Lamb’s book of life before the foundation of the earth so let me go into a little bit of the difference between these two words. The reason I said what you wrote was pretty good is that it’s pretty right on but you don’t seem to understand the difference in the words and I agree with your final statement we are saved not by our own work. But you have to understand that faith is not a work not if you believe what Ephesians 2:8 says wherein that all three nouns used, saved, grace, and faith are all pointing to be in the gifts of God. So faith is a gift of God, it is not a work otherwise the unsaved could exercise faith and be saved. Faith again is not a work it is a gift of God wherein we become children of God. Yet in this state as a child of God then we go on to exercise the verb form of faith translated into the word believe which to the believer again goes back to God’s gift of faith we exercise it but no one else can that religious person you referred to if he does things that we would refer to as works and try to say that their acts of faith we would be totally wrong there dead works, their works of righteousness, their works under damnation because you cannot be saved by works. It’s when you understand the difference between the word believe and faith in the English as their understood in the original Greek that it all makes sense. Due to my time restraints I’m using voice recognition software so if there any words that don’t make sense or any mistakes I make please feel free to email me at my personal email which I gave you before but which will be attached at the bottom. The following is a short teaching I did on the difference between the verb and noun and if you really did it make may make more sense because you and I are agreement that we are saved by God’s grace and that even the faith that comes comes from him and even when we exercise faith in a verb form it’s only because were saved and he’s granted us the ability to exercise at faith. Faith is never considered a work in the New Testament once you understand the original Greek which is what God wanted us to understand in order to achieve the greatest clarity possible.

    Updated Version – I received a question in my teaching blog (“”), which I am addressing in the future with all the references regarding the Greek verbs and nouns, that I thought was quite interesting and that I would just briefly share here.
    The question had to do with the idea that some people think that if they exercise faith, they’re actually works-oriented. For one thing, faith has two main Greek words, one for the noun and one for the verb for the word. The noun form can be used with a definite article “the” and refer to “the faith” as in Christianity as an organism (an assembly of people),
    I received a question teaching blog that I am addressing with all the references regarding the Greek verbs and nouns that I thought was quite interesting, that I would just briefly share here. The question had to do with the idea that some people think that if they exercise faith that they’re actually works oriented. For one thing, face has two main Greek words for the noun (“pistis,” #G4102), and a verb (“pisteuō,” #G4100, which in the English mainly translates to the word “believe,” though it is from the same root and actually is a word faith which was used up until the 1600s, as the word “Faitheth,” see Hallman’s dictionary under faith), form of the word. The noun form can be used with a number of different “Definite Articles” such as “the” and refers to “the faith” as in Christianity as an organism (an assembly of people, a group), or belief system. It could also be an allusion or a direct quotation referring to the teachings of the faith of Christianity. These two noun forms of the word, “faith,” seeing much rarer than faith as in the life of the believer. Now again let me repeat, this noun form of faith is not the individual choices are actions of faith as they culminate together but is actually an aspect of the believer themselves. It is not something that you have and don’t have it is as stated in the first part of Ephesians 2:8, a gift from God in the form wherein the Holy Spirit indwells the believer as a permanent status. Once you become a child of God you are always a child of God, yet there many pew sitters that appear to be so and may even believe it as those that said Lord Lord did we not that Jesus reply concerning their statement that they cast out devils, that did miraculous feats, spiritual happenings which Jesus did not dispute. Nevertheless, his retort was that they were evildoers and that he never knew them. Not that they were originally saved and became backslidden, but in the grammatical parsing of his statement they were never believers in the first place. We must remember that the prodigal son was always the son of his father, but the mark of this is seen that he came back to the location of his father and then again assumed his son ship as seen in his behavior which was different than when he was backslidden. Salvation is a gift of God no matter how you want to break it down and it has to do with the sovereignty and ability of God to keep that which is his, salvation of an individual is that which the father gives to the son and the son will never lose. We do not realize how much we impugn the very nature of God by stating that we can go in and out of salvation as if it was a verb but again, in this form it is a noun, it is a thing and by its very nature of being a noun it is permanent. Verbs can change, from being observed and not being observed, but nouns cannot – they are what they are and they will always be with them always been. This fits in to the first part of Ephesians chapter 1, noting that the believers name (in the grammatical sense it is first person singular, not a group of people called believers but the individual that Paul is writing to, that are the beloved believers located in Ephesus), is for ever written God’s book before the foundations of the earth, and the grammar indicates it is permanent, we would say it’s an ink; never in pencil. We can always lose our rewards as Paul was afraid of but we can never lose our salvation, which is God’s gift to his Son (in Ephesians 2:8 the three nouns utilized are “saved,” “grace,” and “faith;” using three distinct forms of the grammatical “Gender” of both masculine and feminine. Moreover, the words, “and that,” is a “Primary Particle,” having a copulative and a cumulative force, and is in the “Neuter, singular,” MEANING that “it is the gift of God,” REFERS TO ALL THREE NOUNS. God’s gifts are “salvation,” “grace,” and “faith.” Therefore, in the noun form of the word “faith” as referred to in Ephesians 2:8, it is a gift of God. Then as we look at the verb form of faith, we see that faith is used regarding an individual action, behaviors coupled together as Paul would say “faith to faith” in Romans.
    In fact, this verb form of the word faith is how it is used in a majority of the New Testament aspect of the word. Even though in the English it is translated into the word “believe,” in the Greek it is the same word as used for “faith” and always refers to works of faith, or deeds of faith both meaning actions based upon belief said stained by confidence. It is the daily walk as seen in the behavior of the believer separate from the salvation which is the gift of God and can never be earned. This verb form has a close association with the rewards that we receive in heaven based upon the behaviors that we do on earth even when it comes to giving a cup of cold water in his name. These verb actions of faith should never be understood to be connected directly with salvation in its noun form, verb faith is the outcrops of faith within, they are the behaviors of a saved person as they walk out the faith that is a part of their worldview, a gift of God and site given to the blind. Verb faith is like a muscle, it must be torn and stretched in order to grow. This is why we always see the greatest testing of our faith as we get older and more mature in God’s word. This is when faith is not a tool to get what we want as seen in the life of a baby believer. This is the faith that is seen in a mature person when the situation doesn’t go as they have thought or planned yet they accept God and his will in their life no matter what. It is based upon years of a track record of God always doing what is good for the believer, always showing love that when those times that don’t make sense we go through the valley, were not taking out of it. Yet more precious to the older believer is the fact that God is with us as we go through these calamities in life. And with each tribulation our faith grows stronger and stronger. Not based on who we are but who God is.
    We are saved by grace it is that gift that even the faith that indwells the believer is what we should thank God for on a daily basis never misunderstanding and believing that we earn salvation based upon the verb form but that the verb form of faith is the outcropping of what is inside it is a natural fruit. Have you ever seen a tree kick itself are not producing fruit, or doing anything to make itself produce fruit, no fruit is a natural thing that occurs to a healthy tree. If it is a sick tree than it is God and God alone that will prune it and bring it back to health. Not man and his intercession is always about God he is the focus and will never take second place to anything or anyone in our life. He will share his glory with no one. Regarding the great hope used with the definite article is a reference to the resurrection body and life that we will have with God in maternity wherein the Bible speaks of five crowns that believers receive four behaviors of faith done on the earth. Yes the 24 elders lay down their crowns, but yet these crowns whatever they look like are the inheritance of the saints for works done of faith while on the earth and will be a part of who they are through eternity as the ultimate acts of faith in God. So to summarize. There is the norm form of faith which is a thing that is present inside of the believer which can never be taken out it is a permanent residence of the Holy Spirit wherein without it we would not be saved in the first place, nor with the Holy Spirit take up residence in abode of a person that does not have this form of faith which is a gift of God. We get so busy trying to explain God that we forget that we are mere humans that at certain things we cannot explain except. Such as the Trinity, the incarnation, salvation and imputation, predestination and free will, eternity, and a majority of things that we have yet to be able to comprehend which is why there is so little said about heaven because how does a three dimensional man understand a 10 dimensional realm. Yet as this noun grows within the person the natural fruit and yes we do have to cultivate it within our lives, we do have to walk in it and therefore take actions of faith, unlike the noun form which produces its own fruit naturally we are still sinful human beings filled with doubt and selfishness and sin and must daily pick up our own cross, a device which is meant to kill the flesh which we would call humility as seen as one of the points of definition of Jesus Christ as seen in Philippians, it is choosing to act in faith and spite of what our five senses see that this verb form of faith is so important. And this is what will mark us through eternity. I would suggest that you go to my website and read the articles regarding faith to see if that helps your understanding. The easiest way to look at it is that the noun verb of faith is God’s gift to us wherein it gives us the ability to exercise the verb form of faith which end up being our rewards in heaven as seen in the five crowns that the believer will receive in heaven. This is not the same as a 24 crowns at the elders throw down. The five crowns that you can find on my website mentioned in the New Testament are something that the believable will carry with him as a point of identification throughout the millennium and into eternity meaning that some people may get into heaven with just a little bit of verb faith where others who died for Christ and committed their life in faith to him and exercised verb faith as a choice wherein we refer to was walking in faith they will be recognized by God throughout eternity and will have responsibilities in jobs based upon what’s done here on earth that is the reason that verb faith is so important. Hope this helps email me directly if you have any questions.


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