Part 1 – Regarding An Email Response from Brent – Questioning My Own Beliefs*


This post was originally posted on August 25th, 2017 regarding a reexamination of one of my major doctrinal beliefs, called by some, “Eternal Security,” though Jesus referred to it as “Eternal Life,” or “Everlasting Life.”   

I am republishing it for current viewers, along with a short conclusion, “part 2,” above.     Brent


To my regular readers and followers, and guests as well.

I will not be responding to any e-mail questions until September 11, 2017.

As I get ready to start a new ministry of video teachings, I believe it is a good time to spend in studying two subjects which are the heart of this ministry:

Eternal Security and Salvation as seen through the lens of Biblical faith.

I believe I need to spend some time off (in the mountains, per say), meditating and deeply studying God’s Word concerning these two issues I think I know so well.

I need to try to destroy what I believe in order to find the truth.

I have taken a stand in the last two weeks which is very severe against those that I NOW believe are heretics.  For one, I do not take this lightly and wish to reexamine this.

This is a drastic position, and a friend of mine, Nigel has given me the tools I need to check myself before starting this new venture.

So please understand that I will not be responding, in fact I will be using my computer for research rather than for correspondence.

For you that have trusted the articles and teaching I have presented, they have been truly given to me by the Holy Spirit; there is no greater honor as a teacher, than to be trusted with what is so important.

For you that think I am off, maybe even a heretic:  Please pray for me as well, that my sight will be made clearer, or corrected if need be.

I seek the prayer of all in stepping back and examining what I believe the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart over the last few years to teach.

I have changed my position on many issues over 40 years because I have been willing to do what I am doing now.

It is only the tools of an honest investigator and the drive and teaching of the Holy Spirit that has enabled me to do this.

So please forgive my inactivity concerning emails (I am still physically building our new video studio, which will be done in a few weeks).

Please pray for me and this ministry.   Brent Bolin

PS: Sorry about the reply that was published a few days ago, it was meant for an unbeliever’s blog site, and had nothing to do with this blog site. bb

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"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"

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