Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit must be specific and without reservation & Salvation

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This is a response to an email from one of my friends, Let us call him Mr. A.
Mr. A, I hope you are doing well.  Maybe I can clarify this matter a little more than I have in the past.

The word “blasphemy” is to lie about someone or something in a negative way.  The church has implied that It means to say something negative which is not what the word means in the Greek or the Hebrew.

βλασφημία G988
blasphēmía; gen. blasphemías, fem. noun from blásphēmos (G989), blasphemous or a blasphemer. Blasphemy, verbal abuse against someone which denotes the very worst type of slander mentioned in Mat_15:19 with false witnesses; wounding someone’s reputation by evil reports, evil speaking. See Mar_7:22; Eph_4:31; Col_3:8; 1Ti_6:4 [cf. 2Pe_2:11]; Jud_1:9 (blásphēmos [G989], a blasphemer); Rev_2:9; Sept.: Eze_35:12. Used especially in a religious sense meaning blasphemy toward or against God (Mat_26:65; Mar_2:7; Mar_14:64; Luk_5:21; Joh_10:33; Rev_13:5-6); against the Holy Spirit (Mat_12:31; Mar_3:28; Luk_12:10 using blasphēméō [G987]) including the resistance against the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. The expression stands for names of blasphemy (Rev_13:1; Rev_17:3; Dan_3:29). [The Complete Word Study Dictionary; Spiros Zodhiates]

It is to say something negative, but it is to lie about it to discredit it; It means to slander someone, which is to lie.  If a person is to say anything negative about God or in particular the power of the Holy Spirit the negative thing must by necessity be a lie.

You see Paul said he was a “blasphemer” (1 Tim. 1:13; KJV  “Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief.”  But you must notice here that the article is not used in he is not referring to a specific form of blasphemy which is addressed in Matthew chapter 12, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit concerning Jesus Christ doing a miracle.  This was a very specific instance wherein you have individuals that knowingly lied about the power of the Holy Spirit being seen worked out by Jesus Christ in doing a miracle.

You see the reason it is different is not just that it is lying about the Holy Spirit saying something negative, when the person knows that what they are saying is a complete lie, it is also very specific because it could only be done during the three year period on earth, when God incarnated walk the earth, when Jesus was doing his ministry.
You see if someone acted like they did a miracle and I said something negative about it this is not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because I do not know for sure if it is of God and if I am truly lying because this has to do with the intent of the heart.
That person may bee is doing a true miracle of God but I am not held accountable even if my intention is to live because it is not a fact to me that to am lying against the Holy Spirit of God.

I may think I am protecting God because this is a false teacher person, There are many Christians that have lied to protect God though this is wrong it is not the same as lying against God, condemning him to be equal with the devil, Lucifer.
You see what the essence is these Pharisees knowing that Jesus was a worker of miracles in the power of God knowingly accused God of evil.

How often do nonbelievers say that the Bible cannot be true because we live in such an evil world and the Bible says God is good, this they can be forgiven up because they do not know for sure the reality.
But just like the  fallen angels which James speaks about, They know that God is good and true and always right, and  for them to turn against him knowingly, they do not exercise faith only a mere belief that they know that God exists in this belief will not save them,

faith is not only trusting God to save me from my sins but all of what Jesus said regarding sin and life, salvation and how to receive it, which we receive from a book we refer to as the Holy Bible.

Salvation is so simple that a child can understand that he is a sinner and incapable of making himself perfect or acceptable before God and that God is the only one that could save him as a free gift called grace only made possible because God’s righteous son willingly came and paid the price for that child’s sin.

Yet if that child grows up and refuses to learn from God’s word or rejects everything else that God’s word says, is he truly saved.

The answer is quite easy.  You see to be saved is not an act that we do it is not a condition we enter into, salvation is a relationship we enter into wherein the Holy Spirit dwells within us and drives us to know truth such as God’s word and to believe it.

Those that teach you can lose your salvation treat salvation like it is a condition.  Conditions can be permanent, but normally are Temporary, they are conditional, displaying that they are temporal, to begin with.

You see for something to be conditional you must maintain whatever those conditions are.  If salvation is a condition then you must keep doing whatever you are doing to receive it, this takes God out of the picture.

Even those that say that they are saved by grace, which is only supplied by God yet there is something they must do, they make void that grace by placing a condition on their relationship with God.

He is not a conditional God because conditional means nonpermanent to begin with.

We are saved by God’s grace as it is explained in God’s word, wherein we become  aware that we were picked before the foundations of the earth, though we may become aware that we are a believer when we go forward down the sawdust trail, according to Ephesians, it is only our recognition that occurs on that date that the salvation is declared before the foundations of the earth, it is paid for on the cross of Jesus Christ, recognized by me at some point, and yet there will not be a judgment which will validate it because it was a relationship, to begin with and not something that happened in time, in my life something I did.

The white throne judgment is only for unbelievers that did not believe, the bema seat of Christ does not have anything to do with our salvation it is only judging what we did on this earth as acts of faith concerning that which was acceptable by God as works.
Were not saved by works, but we are saved to do works.

There will be many saved Christians that will stand before God but naked, they made it through the fire of judgment as Paul states in Corinthians 5, but their deeds were selfish and based upon pride and sin, analogous to wood hay or stubble which were burnt up when they were examined.

It is the things that we do for Christ as a believer which are led by him in working towards his goals concerning his kingdom that will be seen as precious stones gold and silver.

The child of God, who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit will not commit the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because they cannot do it, to begin with.
It would be analogous to me being brought up by parents who always placed me first which is the definition of love and then me growing up to be a  godly man part of my own family and then to go out and to lie about them and who they were and everything that I was or am.

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is antithetical to the child of God.

Can they get mad at God and curse him, yes internally and externally.
Look at Peter’s denial and lying and cursing the night that Jesus was judged.
During those days that Jesus walked in his resurrected body, Peter is seen on the Fringe of the group, humbled no doubt because of his terrible sin of denying Christ and cursing him.  It is Jesus that came to him and asked three questions accepting the fact that Peter was a messed up sinner.

Let us take a  quick look at that based upon the Greek
Jesus asked Peter if he loves (agapao) him and the Greek word for love means to put another person in front of themselves, Peter responds using a Greek word  (philo) which means that he is a beloved friend but fall short of what Jesus defines his love.  Then surprisingly Jesus says feed my sheep.

Do you notice that all that was necessary for him to be given his commission again to be a minister of the gospel was an acknowledgment of his own sinfulness?  He never lost his salvation, he just did not live up to it.

Then again Jesus asked him if he loves (agapao) him using the Greek word meaning to put Jesus before himself and Peter again acknowledges his unworthiness by using the Greek form of love  (philo) which means brotherly love but is a much lower love when it comes to commitment, and again Jesus says; feed my sheep.

Then, displaying the love of God, Jesus asked him The third time Peter do you love me, but now he uses Peter’s word (philo), And Peter was deeply grieved and again acknowledged his lack of supreme love by using the Greek word  (philo).  And for the third time, Jesus responds feed my sheep.

You see there is no way that Peter ever lost to salvation even though he broke the conditions according to some men’s belief of what salvation is.
He did not blaspheme God, but he lied Stating that he was not a believer.

Getting back to the point, this sin, this particular and singular sin of knowingly attributing what you know is a miracle of God by a sinless individual to the devil is what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is.

Yet it can only be done when the person you are insinuating about is someone that you know 100% is doing what they are doing in the power of God and there is no one you know that about even yourself.

This is why this and can only be committed against and with Jesus Christ or another manifestation of God, but never concerning men because how do you know for sure that your lying.

And I have witnessed many many believers accuse other believers of false miracles yet this is not the same as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, why.
It is because the person that is condemning the other actually believes by the behaviors of the other that he is not doing a true miracle of God because it contradicts the Bible in some way.

You see I believe that faults healers may have healings go on at their Crusades but it did not come from them or anything to do with them, it is Good seeing one of his children in this meetings and responding in love even if he did not get the credit.
But there many (TBN) faults healers and teachers out there that act like they do healings and there is no reason to trust them or what they have to say.  And I have no doubt though I could be wrong that they are going to hell in their fraudulent, to begin with.  I say this because  I was brought up in the 70s  in this environment and I saw firsthand the lies and the distortion of what salvation is and what God’s word is said outside of the TV viewing audience by these faults preachers and teachers.  But their problem is they do not have a true relationship with God there only using God as upon.

Self-deceived or not they do not fulfill God’s word. But this is another issue for another day

This sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit could only be done during this three-year period when God incarnated, Jesus that cannot lie did a miracle and the religious leaders who had once called him the anointed of God because he did miracles; knowingly lying that it was from the devil when they knew that it was from God himself.

This form of blasphemy, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, could only be done when you know without any doubt that the person doing the miracle is doing a valid miracle for God.

Any man I do not care who he is, and how born-again he is could be wrong when he says he is doing a miracle, but Jesus could not.

So the point is the Pharisees have no excuse because they had openly stated, “we know that you are a prophet of God for no man does the miracles that you do,.”
Jesus was making them look bad because he did a miracle of healing a man on the Sabbath when they said that was wrong.

The people were starting to follow him and not the Pharisees and it was affecting their popularity as well as their income because a warrant making the same amount of money in the marketplace.

Pharisees were Pharisees not just because they were religious but because they were rich and they made money off the people.

You see Jesus was affecting their purse, as well as their influence.
So what boiled to a point were finally he healed a man on the Sabbath and they could take it no longer and they openly lied about him to make him look bad and to prove themselves to be righteous even knowing what they were saying was a lie.

They accused him while knowing it was not true of doing a miracle in the power of Satan.  They did not seek forgiveness they knew what they were doing.
You see we are forgiven for things that we know that we did wrong.

But what you say about a man that knows he did wrong and still chooses to follow Satan.

For one thing, if he really believes this and does not ever change his mind, he does not repent in the first place.

This is what you are seeing with these Pharisees because after this they continued to try to kill him and trick him because he was affecting them as far as their daily living.
They cared more about the bread on their table and the notoriety that they received in the marketplace than they did about pleasing God.

They never sought repentance, because they knew what they were doing and they did not care.

I apologize for the the quality of this letter but I can only prove it once and my editor does not have time, not to mention the fact that I am using voice recognition software so if a word sounds wrong, it may be a sound-alike word.  I just felt an urgency to get this to you Mr. A.   Your brother in Christ, Brent


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  3. I understand, I do it all the time. I may be busy this weekend, but please I will answer you ASAP. Brent


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