Where to find software programs that break down the Greek grammar of the Textus Receptus

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May i ask a simple question, what would the writer of this article suggest for home studies of Greek and Hebrew, words and meaning what would be the most accurate one to buy


There are two Bible Software programs that I utilize in order to delineate the verb and parse the grammar.

Due to the density and enormity of attempting to break down the verb utilizing a computer is much more productive than utilizing all the different Greek text at hand. The main thing is to find one that utilizes the King James translation, but it is not the English translation that is important it is the Greek text beneath it which is the Textus Receptus.

The first one is no longer sold on the Internet, but if I was you I would attempt to locate it. It is BibleSpeak 4.0, by Q-Software.

The other is a Bible module that works within eSword, by the name of “King James Version 1769 w/Strong’s Numbers, and Tense, Voice, Mood” (“KLV+TVM”), It coincides with a dictionary module named “Strongs with Tense, Voice, Mood” (“TVM”). When I first used it it was difficult to find. However, having just done a Google search it appears to be widespread.

I have attached the moniker for the BibleSpeak 4.0, because in some ways it is better than the module that can be utilized within eSword, and according to the Google search other software programs.

God bless you in your search, and never stop digging. Yet at the same time always seek competent teachers who utilize strong hermeneutics in handling the Greek grammar.



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