“Many Shall Run To and Fro”

Introduction (Updated)

We shall take a brief look at just one of the passages in the unbelievable revelation from God, referred to as the book of Daniel.

Chapter 12 of the book of Daniel is a vision that he receives concerning the last days.

The “Last Days” is a generic term which covers over 2000 years, from the time of Christ death to today (started at Pentecost ~ Acts 2:17), until the present, and beyond.

Yet, a more descriptive term for this period of time is used by Christ, which concerns the end of those Last Day (not yet upon us), is referred to as the “Great Tribulation(Matthew 24:21), and by the prophet Jeremiah which referred to it as “Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7).

In particular Daniel 12:4, says:

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

What we see in Daniel 12:4, is where God advises Daniel to “shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end…”

This is an idiomatic expression where God directs that the prophecy He’d given is far off in the future, and not meant to be understood at the present, as far as its total declaration (Daniel 8:26; Isaiah 29:11; Revelation 22:10).

The main gist is that God is openly declaring His deity and proclaiming the “ending from the beginning(Isaiah 41:4; 44:6; ), wherein the last days when these words are meant to be understood, man has no excuse for doubting the validity of God’s Word.

Words spoken thousands of years prior to the events that He so accurately describes.

What better proof that it is God, and God alone who is the Author of this sacred book we hold in our hands, which we so commonly referred to without thought as “the Bible” (from the Latin for “The Book,” using the definite article, “the;” to indicate that this book is unlike any other; originally better referred to as “The Holy Bible,” wherein it is sacred, separated from any other); yet, more accurately this book is the “Word of God.”

Daniel 12:4, in speaking about the last days (“time of the end) talks about travel being rapid (run), open to the masses, indicating commonality (many), and routinely (shall) extensively and habitually (to and fro”).

It also speaks about a compounding of the increase in knowledge exponentially, with this statement “and knowledge shall be increased.”

This expression indicates that this time in history which is identified according to not just an increase in knowledge, but that knowledge itself shall be increased – exponentially.

But notice what it does not say, it says nothing about wisdom.

Wisdom is properly defined as “the correct application of knowledge.”

There are many individuals that read their Bibles and gain knowledge concerning what it says.

Yet, there are far fewer that understand the application of God’s Word as it pertains to their life; as well as the depth of its meaning.

These last days are a time of unbelievable increase in technology, yet unfortunately it seems to be at the cost of understanding in how to apply that knowledge to where understanding transcends to wisdom.

It is no doubt because of this identifying characteristic of knowledge being increased that the prior statement concerning travel intensifying exponentially is made possible.

What also is alluded to is a direct correlation of greater wealth and prosperity for the common people, that facilitates the ability to take advantage of travel in this way.

During the time of Jesus it was common that many individuals never traveled more than 100 miles from their own home.

The exceptions were those that were rich, and those that followed the admonition concerning the Feast’s of Israel, wherein that three of the seven feasts had to be attended by a mature male.

It is very easy to read this passage of Scripture and fail to grasp how significant it really is.

The following illustrations will hopefully paint a more vivid picture of how unbelievable the advances wherein the Bible has predicted so technically had change the way man lives.

Speed & Time of Common Travel for the Masses 


2500 BC          6          Mph           A Two Horse drawn Chariot

1800 AD          6          Mph           A Two Horse drawn Carriage

1900 AD          60        Mph           Steam Locomotive Train

2000 AD         600      Mph           Intercontinental Airliner

2100 AD         6000    Mph            Jet Airliner
(Boeing Research and Development Projection)

For over 4000 years man traveled at the same rate, 6 Mph.  Then, in only 200 years man has increased his travel time by 1000 percent.

Common Food Preparation Time – Boiling Water for the Masses

2500 BC            45 Minutes                   Opened Camp Fire
.                                                                     in a Brass Pot

1600 AD            45 Minutes                   Opened Camp Fire
.                                                               in a Cast Iron Closed Pot

1700 AD            30 Minutes                  Open Pit Fireplace
                                                             in a Cast-Iron Closed Kettle

1800 AD            20 Minutes                   Pot Belly Stove in a
.                                                                Cast-Iron Closed Kettle

1900 AD            15 Minutes                    Gas Stove in a
.                                                                 Tin Closed Kettle

1950 AD            10 Minutes                    Electric Stove in a
.                                                              Stainless Steel Closed Kettle

1960 AD            5 Minutes                       Energy-Efficient Gas
.                                                 Stove in an Aluminum Closed Kettle

1970 AD           3  Minutes                       Range Top using
                                                                     Corning Ware

1990 AD            3 Minutes                       500 Watt Microwave
                                                   Oven in a Microwavable Container

2000 AD            2 Minutes                      750 Watt Microwave Oven
.                                                          in a Microwavable Container

2005 AD            1 Minute                         1000 Watt Microwave
.                                                   Oven in a Microwavable Container

Technology has increased more in the last 400 years than in the previous 4000 years combined.

How amazing is God’s Word.

Yet, more amazing is the fact that God would stoop down, condescend to man and prove Himself according to such prophecies.

And this is only a few of the thousands of prophecies found in God’s Word.


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